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About Us

We are an experience consultant for ship design from passenger vessels to Ro-Ro vessels to container vessels and tankers. Our reputation is built over the years of ship design and constructions of vessels. To maintain it, we keep informed about the latest developments within all aspects of the marine industry through constant dialogue with suppliers, operators, authorities and classification societies and affiliation with reputable novel design firmes in Europe.

We offer a flexible scope of turn-key packages, to match our client’s needs. All services and works are carried out according to the latest IMO and NBPH regulation.

  - CAD design
  - Architectural drawings
  - Project management
  - Wet units (modules construction)
  - Panels and ceilings
  - Insulation, noise /vibration reduction
  - Furniture´s
  - Flooring
  - Electrical systems
  - HVAC
  - Piping works






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